Deans Knight

Deans Knight Income Corporation (the “Company”) is a a closed-end, non-redeemable investment company.

Prior to April 30, 2014, the Company was focused on investing in corporate debt securities. The Company's assets are managed by Deans Knight Capital Management Ltd. ("Deans Knight"), a respected British Columbia-based investment firm focused on managing high income and growth mandates for high net worth individuals, foundations, endowments and pension funds.

Since making a special cash distribution to shareholders of the Company on April 30, 2014, the Company has ceased all investing and portfolio activities, other than in connection with its modified business objectives.  As such, the Company's business now consists of: (i) attending to, and if necessary, litigating, its appeal of the Canada Revenue Agency’s reassessment of certain taxation year; (ii) divesting of the remaining securities held in the Company's portfolio that were not liquidated prior to the April 30, 2014 cash Distribution; (iii) attending to any additional distributions to shareholders of any surplus cash and the eventual wind-up and termination of the Company thereafter; and (iv) attending to any ancillary matters related to any of the foregoing.

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